Monday, January 25, 2010


I guess I have been doing my own laundry for about 8 years it sad that I still don't entirely understand the "do's and don'ts" of this craft?

For instance, I always wash my clothes on the cold setting, primarily out of laziness because I don't want to seperate darks from lights, but also beause I have this (mis)conception that it will make the clothes shrink or the colors might run. And with drying, I never know how long you are supposed to set it for (or which temp setting to use) in fear of again shrinking the clothes.

So as I sit at the laundromat, waiting for my clothes to finish, I have a sense of resolve to learn the art of laundry. It doesn't seem all that hard, so maybe if I actually put an hour of "research" into it, I might actually feel comfortable moving up to the permanent press or even hot setting on the washing machines!

I'll be sure to let you know how the "adventure" turns out...

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Friday, December 11, 2009

its been too long

I'm not even sure if anyone is still following this (and I would not be at all surprised if they weren't) since I have not posted in a few months. I cannot make the excuse that I have been too busy, because we all know I have had a little too much time on my hands of late.

But alas, the temperature has finally risen above zero out here and I felt it better now than ever to provide a quick update for the remaining stragglers who have followed this over the summer.

I am doing well out here in Denver. For the past three months or so I have spent my time in a combination of ways: job hunting, hiking, exploring Denver, making new friends, skiing, and catching up on a long list of books I at one time vowed to read. Denver is a town unlike any I have really been in before. It's proximity to "outdoorsy" stuff make it ideal for someone like me who felt slightly quarantined in Boston. Not that Boston didn't have outdoors stuff within its vicinity, but with the Rocky Mountains literally staring you in the face, you know a 15 minute drive gets you to a host of natural landscapes and hiking spots.

The town itself is also much different than what I was used to in Boston and New York (obviously). The actual downtown is much smaller and the rest of the city is sort of an urban sprawl with a bunch of cool neighborhoods. Not many people live in the downtown area, so there is an assortment of commercial and residential in each neighborhood.

Joe and I live in the neighborhood that I guess would be called "Congress Park." We really like our location as we are a short walk to two parks and some shops and coffee houses nearby. If you were willing to walk 10 minutes, it puts you on Colfax which has more bars, restaurants, shops, etc. We are also specifically happy because we have found a watering hole nearby that is Boston College friendly. Go Eagles!

Since the winter months have approached and the snow has been falling (I would estimate that we've had at least three feet of snow so far and its not even technically winter yet) I have tried to make an effort to get the most use out of the season ski pass I purchased when I first got out here. I am happy to say that my seventh trip will be tomorrow (Saturday) and by that point, the ski pass will have officially been "worth it." When daily ski passes cost upwards of $80/day, paying $440 at the beginning of the season seems like a steal. I'm hoping to top out at 20 times this season, but we'll see if the legs can hold up.

I have met a lot of really cool people out here and am enjoying living my life one day at a time. I am so glad to wake up every morning knowing that however this ride turns out, the decision to move out here at this point in my life was the right one.

I will attempt to be diligent in posting and updating over the next few months and I hope I get some visitors out here soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Custer Motel: A touch of class?

As previously noted, we had some difficulty finding a motel for Thursday night (remember the Biker Christmas post?). $180 a night for the Keystone, SD Econolodge wasn't exactly ideal.

As a result, we had the "pleasure" of spending the night @ the Custer Motel. On the plus, Clint the owner directed us to the Dark Horse bar/grille (not a strip club) across the street where we received several a free beer and a slice of pie from his son Blake.

Good thing beers were on the house because we needed something to help us fall asleep in one of the most disgusting motels we've ever stayed in. The amenties included a heavy cigarette aroma, a chair that had been torn apart, a broken bathroom door, stained sheets, stained towels, and previously used name a few. Oh yeah, we took photos:

For your next trip to Custer, SD may we suggest lodging other than the suites @


Despite our best efforts to stay current, rural South Dakota and Wyoming put us a few days behind in posting. We reached Denver late Friday night and spent a few days unpacking/checking out denver.

As of 645 this morning, we are off to yellowstone for the week. Updates might be spotty again but we'll continue posting from South Dakota on (where we left off) when AT&T's 3G network allows...until then this pultizer nominated blog may be quiet.

You might have to wait a bit before finding out why a member of the Alaskan bloods was arrested for threatening my life in Lusk, Wyoming...

The lost lakota land aka Mount Rushmore

After a long day in the badlands, we drove through hermosa, sd (remember that one for pub trivia one day) and made a stop at mount rushmore. The legions of bikers posing before the presidents in leather chaps and Harley davidson gear made for some comedy. Our chipper tour guide gave us all the history of the black hills and the carvings. Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt was never intended to be one of the faces? I guess it paid to be good friends with the sculptor...

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wall Drug/Cactus Cafe

Lunch on Thursday was at the cactus cafe- a local favorite in wall, sd. The "lunch buffet" was not the best choice, however.

As will become a common theme in many of our photos, bikers and bikes covered South Dakota for the few days we were in town. We unknowningly timed our trip to concide with over 700,000 (not a typo) bikers flocking to sturgis, sd and the nearby area for their annual meet-up weekend. Very friendly on the whole, but their vast numbers have the inconvenient effect of driving motel prices up to three times their normal rates. As one lady motel clerk proclaimed to us, "it's Christmas here!" Yay!

Wall drug above....a mini-mall done South Dakota style. If you've been there or have been inundated by the 50 miles of advertisments broadcasting it's existence, my apologies. It's best offering? A $1.99 used horseshoe that Frank jumped all over....

More Badlands shots...

Even in the drizzle, and with basically no sleep, the badlands were incredible. Pictures speak for themselves.

But, where dem buffalo? Despite our tracking skills, (acquired mostly from Jack, Kate & Locke) we where only able to locate evidence of buffalo, not the buffalo themselves:


At 7:01 am (mountain time on Thursday morning), We have arrived...

I drove from 11pm to 515am (central) straight. I am TIRED.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Golf

It pains me to say that John defeated me in a grueling 19 hole match on the captain hook course of the pirates cove mini golf resort this evening. After jumping out to an early lead, lacroix faltered and coughed up a 3 stroke lead at the 11th. I took a 4 stroke lead with 4 to play and in 2004 Yankee fashion, choked down the stretch. John furiously stormed back tying up on the 18th hole. In a rare moment of clutchiness (which he hasn't shut up about yet) he drained a hole in one on the 19th and final hole to secure the victory and a beer of his choice once we reach Denver. A good match overall and one I'm sure I won't live down anytime soon.

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"John and Frankie...

Are no longer the coolest guys east of the Mississippi.....They are now the coolest kids west of the Mississippi"

Thats right. Now in progress: Ridiculous.All.Night.Drive.

Badlands in the AM.

Wisconsin Dells: A town full of surprises

Drove into Wisconsin dells for dinner @ The Cheese Factory, an awesome vegeterian restaurant run by some very religious folk with accents. Since the grilled cheese was named top 5 in the country by "food network star Rachel Ray" we went with that and some beer cheese soup. Good choices all.

Later, we made a few stops for photos. Apparently both the White House and the Trojan horse were swept up in a storm and dropped in Wisconsin Dells. How random. The horse landed on it's feet. The white house and presidential limo were not so lucky. We thought we'd help out....

The dells also happen to be the "waterpark capital of the world.". We however choose to play an epic round of mini golf. Details to follow...

Beaching it in Baraboo

Spent the afternoon near Baraboo, Wisconsin at Devil's Lake State Park relaxing on the beach. Beautiful spot with impressive views that's a little out of the way...

Coolest clouds in the U.S. And yet another spot we decided on and discovered just an hour prior. Thank you iPhone.

Goodbye Madison

Thanks to Nader and the Rossmeissls for showing us a great time. Best french toast and 3am pizza this side of boston. And the pull out couch was clutch considering the overnight drive we have ahead.

Things we learned:
1. Free deep-fried bar bacon that's been sitting out for hours is to be avoided at all costs.
2. Stereo Color is a band to watch in '10. Even if they are 15 years old and play in basketball shorts. (Frank bought their cd. Tom stole it from him.)
3. Always time your turn for "rounds" to come up at the "flip a coin for 75% off" bar.
4. Don't trust frank to stay awake for late night pizza.
5. Madison is a pretty swell place to spend a night.

Tornado Warning in Madison!!!

(nevermind, just a siren test)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drinking in Madison

More coming...

Update: Madison is a fun town. Tom wasn't lying. Union terrace, nachtspiel, and state street brats were just a few of the establishments we visited. Our last stop of the night, wandos, had free bacon, which sufficiently grossed John out. Tom and I ate some...

More updates: disgusting free bacon, $1 pbrs & coors lights and the photos to prove it:

(yes, they claim this is edible. Frank plowed through a good basket worth of it. I stuck with the dollar cans)


Drinkin some beers by lake mendota with rosmeissle. Madison is a sweet town thus far.
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The (in)famous Planter of Michigan Avenue

We didn't have long to sightsee in chicago but we had stop and visit one unforgettable landmark...

...The view from a taxicab...


Rolled through chicago this afternoon and we were treated to a great italian lunch with Kev and Bridge...K-Bo just took (survived?) the bar and surely aced it. Bridge's new company is off to a flying start with some high roller clientele. Thanks for showing us a great time kids!

Visiting a second-rate Catholic school...

Expecting to be turned away (or worse) upon our arrival to notre dame's campus, we were suprisingly welcomed in AFTER the security guard saw bc playing cards on our front dashboard. Perhaps recent domination has increased the ND respect for chestnut hill visitors. While very friendly, he was quick to remind us that, unlike bc, notre dame has a "quarterback" (clausen?!) and that he was quite confident in their chances of defeating us this year. We decided to seek revenge on campus...

(Rizzy, i hope you appreciate my stunning camera work in the last photo...)

Go BC!



A huge thanks to chuck for putting us up for the night. Just like the old times: a few beers, some bond and buffalo wings. Had a great time...